No Small Dreams


New! While Carol and her companions are off seeking the legendary first Chimera, Beast, the Hunter Empire threatens everything and everyone Carol has left behind.  More! Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Beasts Ascendent


Six tales from the Transforms universe during the era of the Cause. One follows Enkidu during the Clearing of Chicago episode, two follow Henry Zielinski (pre and post transformation), one details the quest for the Eskimo Spear, another follows the Arm Carol Hancock, Focus Lori Rizzari and Crow Sky on their quest to find the legendary first Chimera known of as Beast, and the last follows Focus Gail Rickenbach’s rise to power after the events of the novel “The Forgefires of God”. More! Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

The Forgefires of God


The civil war among the Major Transforms of North America reaches its climax as Carol Hancock struggles to juggle her responsibility to the Cause, to her Chicago territory and those she protects, and to her Arm boss, Stacy Keaton.  More! Now available through Amazon and Smashwords.


Love and Darkness


Chaos reigns, as many of the Cause’s research efforts start producing results and upending Transform society. When Stacy Keaton decides to take the Arms in a new and bloody direction, will Carol be able to resist the call of her own predatory nature?  More! Now available through Amazon and Smashwords!

Shadow of the Progenitors


The Cause is a group of Transforms trying to save the world from Transform Sickness, led by Arm Carol Hancock, known as the Commander, and Focus Lori Rizzari. They aren’t making much progress until a shocking discovery proves many of their tenets correct. There is a price to be paid for success, though, and in the world of the Transforms, there is nothing more dangerous than technological progress.  More! Now available through Amazon and Smashwords.



Storybook Crazy



A group of friends living in a college town in 1980 become ensnared in Hell magic. They must confront the murderous Hell magician who is bringing forth the magic, and in the process realize their own magical potential, all while managing love, relationships, and an Elvis impersonator from another universe.  More! The prequel to the 99 Gods series.  Now available through Amazon and Smashwords.

99 Gods: Odysseia


The Gods and mortals deal with the fallout of Betrayer's great betrayal . Dubuque, now the unquestioned leading God in North America, mops up his opposition one at a time. Desperate for help, Dana and Orlando invite the Telepaths Nessa and Ken to help them...and chaos follows them in their wake. All will be tested in the end in the final conflict between Duqubue and those who oppose him.  More! The conclusion to the 99 Gods trilogy is now available on Amazon and Smashwords.


99 Gods: Tales From The Anime Cafe Part Two


Three more tales from the 99 Gods: War universe. The first, set a thousand years in the past, tells of the origin of John Lorenzi. The second is tells the story of Jan Cox (of the Indigo) and her adventures between her so-called death and her reappearance (as seen in 99 Gods: Betrayer). The third, set about a decade earlier, tells the story of how Vanessa became Nessa.  More! Now available through Amazon and Smashwords.


99 Gods: Betrayer


The havoc caused by the 99 Gods, known now as the Troubles, escalates. Nessa, Ken, Dave Estrada, Dana Ravencraft and John Lorenzi cannot escape the problems caused by the 99 Gods.  More! Available through Amazon and Smashwords.



99 Gods: Tales From The Anime Cafe Part One


“Tales From the Anime Café” (Part One) has three stories from the 99 Gods universe: “Saving the North Wind”, a short novel about the Indigo group,  “The Searchlight Mind”, a novella about Nessa as a child, and “Pennies”, is a novelette about Dr. Velma Horton of the Indigo.  More! Now available through Amazon and Smashwords.

99 Gods: War


First book of a new trilogy in a new universe!

99 Gods appear on modern day Earth with a mission to end national war and do good – but results don’t quite work out that way. Not only do the 99 Gods cause economic and political mayhem, they force many hidden powers into the open and into whole new kind of war.  More! Available thru Amazon and Smashwords.




Prequel to "The Commander".  Dr. Henry Zielinski and Focus Tonya Biggioni must cooperate when faced with two rebellions against the Focus Council, as well as the rise of Stacy Keaton, the first American Arm.  More! Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

All That We Are


Book 7 of "The Commander".  Wandering Shade, the Master of Masters of the hidden Hunter Empire, faces off against Carol Hancock, the Commander. Their followers and allies will collide; the only question is when and where. Complicating the problem, for both sides, are the traitors among them.  More! Now Available on Amazon and Smashwords.



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